Your Past, Present and Future World As We See It!



This page is for those with an open-mind. Those who are able to take in  information and make their own conclusions based on the facts presented to them. If that is you, then I think you will enjoy this website. Now if you come here with  already preconceived concepts that have been forced on you by certain groups that you may be affiliated with, such as a certain religion or certain political affiliation, then this site won’t be for you. One thing we must understand is that we have the freedom to choose. Being part of a certain religion and/or political affiliation is fine, but do you really 100% believe in every concept that those organizations say you should follow or what you should believe? If your answer is yes to that question, then you should probably just move on to another website. To get through to a mind is the same way you can only get through a door, and that is when it is open.


Who am I? Just an ordinary everyday “run of the mill” person who has had enough time here on Earth to understand many of the things about it. My hope is to be able to share with you what I have deemed as the truth when it comes to many parts of this world and life. To find this, please check the categories that are located on both the top and sidebar of this website.

I once had a very closed mind and was pretty sure things were exactly as they wee presented to me by others. I found that once I opened my mind, things became clearer and the pieces of life’s puzzle began to fit together and make total common sense.

I hope you enjoy this page and what it has to offer. I’m looking forward to any comments you want to share. But please keep them civil and on the topic. May peace be with you!






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